Steven Lee



Steven was born and raised in Washington, D.C. and loves to call the city home. Steven graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park with a degree in Political Science. In response to a call to ministry, he spent 4 years at Dallas Seminary where he received a Masters of Theology in Pastoral Ministries and Christian Education.

After 12 years in Dallas, Steven and Tiffany prayed about the next step in their lives, they both felt a burden to return to the East Coast. Not only to come home, but to start a new gospel-centered, multi-ethnic church. Their hope was to create a place for a community that loved Jesus deeply and cared for one another as an extended family.

Redeemer City Church was born and commissioned as a church plant of Prestonwood Baptist Church, The Village Church, and Fellowship Associates in partnership with numerous other churches and organizations. Pastor Lee's spiritual covering is provided by his father in the ministry, Pastor John K. Jenkins, Sr. 

He currently lives in Washington D.C. with his wife Tiffany and their four children, Shania, Silas, Sawyer and Stephan. Steven enjoys watching and playing basketball, fantasy football, watching HGTV with Tiffany and good Texas BBQ. 

Garden City Church started with God. Therefore, our history is actually a rather long one. We believe that before the beginning of time God had a plan for Garden City and how we would impact our city — “He chose us in him before the foundation of the world…” (Eph 1:4).


In 2013, Steven M. Lee, along with his wife and four children, moved to Washington, D.C. with a dream to plant a new Christ-centered, multi-ethnic, city-centered church. Their hope was to create a place for a community that loved Jesus deeply and cared for one another as an extended family. The God-given dream was to start a new church that would engage the people of Washington, D.C. with the gospel of Jesus. 

All that God has accomplished at Redeemer City Church is because we stand on the promise of Jesu

It was a move of faith, banking on Jesus’ words “I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Matt. 16:18).

After meeting for a few months as a core group of about 20 people, Redeemer City Church launched on September 14th, 2013. The church began to grow. The church grew through the compelling power of the gospel, through people who were converted and discipled, through people who joined the church family as members and began contributing to the mission, through people who developed into leaders, and through much prayer.

Jesus is on the move in and through Garden City. Jesus is building our church. The Garden City story is just beginning to unfold and you can play an important role in it!

Kenneth Jones


Kenneth grew up to the Northeast of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His father, Edward, was a World War 2 and Korean War veteran. Advanced in years when Kenneth was born, Edward passed away when Kenneth was eight years old. He is thankful to God for his mother, Yoshiko, who is a passionate woman from Okinawa who demonstrates unconditional love and sacrifice. He attended University of Maryland at College Park for undergrad and received his Bachelors in English and later a Masters degree in Education. 

Before joining Redeemer he served at churches in Atlanta, Georgia, and Crofton, Maryland. His hopes for Redeemer City Church are that she would make the name of Jesus famous in our city and neighborhoods.

He is inspired by stories of redemption, and seeing the power of God manifested in the lives of people.  He is a big time sports fan and loves the Maryland Terrapins! Outside of this, he enjoys watching the Miami Dolphins, playing golf, sight seeing, and spending time with friends. 

He currently lives in Washington D.C with his wife Melissa. They married in the Spring of 2016. 




Alexander Twyman was born and raised by a single father in Washington D.C with his twin brother, Anthony. Having experienced life in the Barry Farms neighborhood in Southeast DC, Alexander brings a unique perspective of the city and its people to Redeemer City Church. Being one of the first in his family to attend college, Alexander attended the University of Maryland, College Park where he met his future wife Danielle. Over the years, Alexander and Danielle developed their relationship and married in October of 2012. This year, they will celebrate 13 years of friendship and 4 years of marriage.  Most recently, Alexander and Danielle welcomed their first child, Natalie in July of this year.

After receiving his bachelor's degree in Information Systems Management, Alexander began pursuing his master's degree in Cybersecurity which he hopes to complete by Spring 2017. In addition to an affinity for computers, Alexander also enjoys playing sports (basketball, billiards, tennis, ping pong), a good movie, and food!  After 16 years of youth ministry at his previous church, Alexander now seeks to serve Redeemer City Church and to help her mission to proclaim Jesus in DC and to surrounding neighborhoods.